Best Online Public Relations Methods

Public relations can be extremely useful in getting your message out to the media, the communities, and the audiences you want to influence. Anytime a business has news to share online, a well-planned strategy is necessary to get that news out through the right channels.

Difference between online PR and offline PR

Both online and offline PR involves outreach to the media, communities and audiences. However, online PR creates this outreach through channels that exist on the Internet such as search engines, blogs, message boards, and social networks. In contrast, offline PR promotes the same type of outreach except through print, radio, TV, and conferences & events.

Online Press Releases

For a fraction of the cost of a traditional press release, you can now send your news release through online press release companies like PRWeb,, and PR Leap that distribute your news to news sites like Yahoo News, increase your visibility and rankings in search engines, and get your news to journalists and media outlets.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for press releases plays a key role in the success of a news release. Every press release should be optimized for maximum organic search engine inclusion. Search engines can then crawl naturally and efficiently to index your press release.


Popular blogs can be as influential as many print publications, but pitching a story about your business to a blogger requires a personal approach. Since there is no editorial calendar for blogs as compared to magazines or newspapers, it is important to become familiar with the blogger and his opinions and interests. When pitching a blogger, do not include the press release in the pitch. Most bloggers don’t write postings based on press releases, rather they point links to a release and write their own commentary.

You can also write your own blog and plug whatever news of your business that you think your audience would be interested in. You can also micro-blog your way into an audience through Twitter. Twitter allows you to write brief text updates and publish them to a wide audience.

Message Boards & Forums

Discussion threads, message boards, and forums are another way to keep the online community aware of what new developments are happening with your business. You might try starting a contest related to your business, or asking for suggestions for an issue you’re facing. Keep the content intriguing and the community will come back to see what you’re doing.


YouTube, along with other video websites such as Revver and Grouper are coming to the forefront of PR promotion. They provide an excellent example of how online PR is mixing social, technical and creative approaches to meet their media and public relations needs. Experts in the use of YouTube for promoting new products advocate putting together several video clips that tell a story. This could provide some background on the company and the development of the new product in a way that keeps the viewer’s interest for the entire series of videos.

Social Networking

Social networks have a vibrant built-in community that maybe interested in your business news. Top social networks include Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and LinkedIn. The primary purpose for using these sites is to keep your profile updated, adding video, pictures and compelling content that will catch the attention of the community.

Online Newsletters & Magazines

Producing an online newsletter can add another dimension to your online PR campaign. Although newsletters can be time-consuming and pricey to produce, they can pay off. They enable you to connect with your audience on a regular basis, collect emails and garner feedback. This type of regular communication can impact the effectiveness of any public relations campaign.

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