How to Sell & Create Information Products

In the real world, information products include all books, reports, magazines, newspapers, internet etc. For the purposes of this article, the focus is on the online world, so the term information products refers to electronically deliverable, digital goods or knowledge-based products.

You can see some good examples of information products in our and sections. Although these are free information products, they are a simple guide to what customers expect from online information products that may cost money

1. Take advantage of selling information products online

The advantages of selling information online are great. Unlike hard goods that have to be manufactured using materials and machinery, information products can be cheap, easy, and fast to produce.

Information products can be created on a shoestring budget with the resources of one person, an internet website or eBay store and a copy of Acrobat to create PDF files.

Information products can also be reproduced in any quantity – it’s as simple as copying a file. Even if you sell a million copies, production costs stay zero.

With information products, shipping costs and issues are eliminated.

Payment is immediate as the time-lapse between purchase and delivery is negligible since the product is delivered digitally.

2. Choose an information product to create

There are a variety of information products that can be created and sold. They include ebooks, e-zines, newsletters, reports & research data, tutorials, etc.

Check out eBay listings for information products to get a sense for what people are creating and selling. Below are just a few of the thousands of information products selling on eBay:

  • How to do Magic Card Tricks Levitation EXPOSED ebook
  • How To Create YOUR OWN Video Product
  • Learn Digital Photography & How to make Money With It
  • How to Read Astrology & Tarot Cards eBook
  • Learn how to Make Money by selling profitable CRAFTS!
  • Learn how to Write Articles MAKE INSTANT CASH EBOOK
  • Resell Rights Profits ~ HOW TO USE THE POWER OF RESALE!
  • How to TV on PC Guide Info Save Money Free 100% Legal
  • How To Get Rich, Donald Trump
  • How to Buy Sell Wholesale NWT Gymboree Lot Clothes eBay
  • How to Make your Own Fragrances ebook w reseller rights
  • How To Paint Trees ebook
  • How To Stop Smoking FOREVER
  • How To Upload Your Website to the World Wide Web

3. Create the information product

Before you decide to create an information product, you need to know that you are creating a product that people want to buy. Do some market research and look at competitive products to get a sense of how many people will buy your product and who your competitors might be.

Create something where you have some knowledge or authority. It can be anything from singing to cooking to playing baseball.

Once you’ve determined what type of information product you want to create, make sure you create a professional, easy-reading product. It worth investing your energy and some dollars to make sure that you product is appealing to its target customers. Look at as many examples as possible before you begin - learn from the mistakes and successes that are already out there. If you’re not a savvy designer, it might make sense to invest in some design.

4. Price the information product

Information products are usually inexpensive. Most cost $20 or less, so to build a meaningful business, you have to either have a large selection of information products that you can cross-sell to your customers or you have to get your customers to come back for updates, upgrades, etc.

Like all products, information products have a level of price resistance. The best way to find the right price point is to experiment and then set is just below that mark. Price your products based on the benefits they provide to your customers not based on the costs of production.

5. Sell the information product

Before your information product can be sold for dollars, you’ll have to develop a relationship with the customers. They have to feel like they trust you and that you’re going to bring them value for their money. You have to give them a reason to trust you.

You don't trust every Net vendor, because there's always a chance that they are scamming you. You buy from the ones that managed to convince you to trust them. Do the same for your customers and they will buy from you.

Below are some examples that will help you build that trust with your customers:

  • Testimonials - Publish quotes from prior happy customers on your web site. Add their names and any other relevant information about them. Make sure you get their permission beforehand.
  • Free samples – Offer a free trial of a portion of your product. That will show that you have confidence in the quality of your product.
  • Money-back guarantee - Offer a money-back guarantee. It shows them that you won't put up a fight if they're unhappy and want a refund.

So long as the subject of your information product has a large potential audience with limited competition, and you produce a quality product, you will find customers that are willing to pay for it.


  • Make sure you haven’t violated a copyright or trademark. Do a Google search, try tutorial and make sure that you’re not violating any laws.

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