How to Find, Identify & Grade Books

There are many resources available to help find, identify and grade books. Below is a simple list of online guides to help aspiring book enthusiasts.

1. Find the Book

There are many web sites that no only sell books but also provide a full database of books available. Try searching for a rare book on one of these websites:

2. Identify the Book

If you have a book but don’t know if it has any value, we recommend that you use Alibris which also has many helpful resources for booksellers and collectors on their web site:

Book collectors' clubs often have websites with galleries, pricing guides and discussion. Here's a sampling of some of the better ones:

3. Grade the Book

The most widely used grading scale today comes from the Independent Online Booksellers Association. Their grades include detailed criteria.


  • Alibris is still a great place to sell collectible books since its audience is by far greater than any other book seller.

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