How to Manage Your Time

Good time management means defining priorities and scheduling appointments. It’s almost impossible to have enough time to get everything done — whether it’s in a day, or in a month. The solution is to figure out how to manage time through a system of goals and priorities.

1. Get organized

Taking time to get organized will save you time in the long run. Organize your stuff by cleaning up your office and your home and put things in order and in labeled storage containers so you can find things quicker and easier. Giveaway, recycle or toss what you do not need.

2. Create and prioritize a set of goals

80 percent of your accomplishments come from 20 percent of your efforts, so think strategically: locate and isolate this valuable 20 percent, then focus your efforts on the tasks that promise the greatest rewards.

3. Create a To-Do list

Make a list of activities at the beginning of the day and then prioritize them to help you determine the most important tasks you need to complete – and in what order.

4. Delegate tasks others can do

Hand out projects to your spouse, your kids or anyone else you can delegate to. Delegate anything you can that will detract from fulfilling your set of goals.

5. Schedule time for your business and yourself

Create personal time by going to the gym, scheduling a date with your spouse or getting together with friends. Make sure you maintain a balance between your business and your personal life.

6. Say “no” to extraneous demands on your time

Don't volunteer to help with events if you don't have time, and decline invitations you don't have time to attend.

7. Don’t procrastinate

’t put off important jobs that will impact your set of goals. Only way to make progress on your goals is to efficiently follow your To-Do list.


  • Organize your activities by using a day planner or calendar.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and unproductive tasks and activities from your schedule.
  • Can’t get everything done on your list? Move the less important tasks to another day.
  • Set aside time at the end of your day to review and celebrate what you have accomplished and plan for the next day.

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