How to Set Up a Photo Studio for eBay Sales

Setting up a permanent photo studio in your workspace can save time and money. A simple set up will allow you to take photos in your workspace.

1. Create the space

Here are the basics for your photo studio (assumes you already have a digital camera):

  • At least 4 feet by 4 feet of uninterrupted floor space, including a wall with a power outlet.
  • Corner of a white or off-white room (blue or red rooms may add a similar tint to your photos).

2. Assemble the equipment

Photo Studio Setup 1

3. Set up a table with a backdrop

Photo Studio Setup 2
Put a table (or chair or whatever works for you) against a wall. Tape your backdrop to the wall and to the table, so half of it goes up the wall and the other half of it is on the flat surface of the table. Let the material flow across the corner, making a rounded edge. Do not fold it. This “seamless background” will make your item seem like it’s floating on the background.

4. Create good lighting

Place your lights at 45 degree angles, on both sides of your subject. Raise one light slightly higher than the other (it doesn’t matter which side). This will eliminate reflections from the lights.

5. Place the tripod in an appropriate position

Place the tripod a few feet away from the table. Use a level surface if possible. Tighten all the locks of the tripod legs. If your surface is uneven, extend one of the legs more to compensate.

6. Secure the camera on the tripod

Photo Studio Setup 3
Attach the camera to the tripod. There should be a threaded hole on the bottom of your camera where you can attach it to the threaded bolt on the tripod’s head. Adjust the tripod height. Loosen the adjustment locks on the tripod’s legs. Once your height is adjusted, tighten the locks. Move the legs up or down in small increments until you can only see the backdrop in your camera’s viewfinder.


  • For larger items, you can drape the backdrop over a door or just let it fall to the floor.
  • Shooting from a camera tripod allows you to keep your shots rock-steady and gives you more freedom in lighting your subjects.

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