Autographed CD — eBay Title Example

Example Item: Autographed Hilary Duff CD

Background: Seller’s daughter went to a CD signing and obtained Hilary Duff’s autograph. The seller showed you a photograph of her daughter with Hilary at the signing.

  • Bad Title: REALLY COOL SIGNED Hillary Duff CD
  • Better Title: Hilary Duff SIGNED Metamorphosis CD +PROOF Hillary

Best Practices:
  • Even though you are actually selling the signature, you should also include the name of the CD. This is especially important for artists like Madonna, who have produced multiple CDs.
  • When in doubt about which keywords to use, do a quick search on eBay to see which keyword turns up more results. (Using “Signed” versus “Autographed”)
  • If your item’s name/brand is commonly misspelled, include the misspelled version if you have room in the title. However, always make sure you include correctly spelled name. (Hilary, Hillary)
  • Indicate what differentiates your item from others. There are certain categories that attract many fake or forged items from unscrupulous sellers. If your item falls into such a category, you want to break from the search result clutter. (+PROOF)
  • Words such as “Cool” do not add anything to your title as they are not good keywords.

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