Starbucks Figurine — eBay Title Example

Example: Dept. 56 Starbucks House Figurine

Background: Seller is an avid collector of these figurines and has given you a Starbucks house with Christmas decorations figurine to sell. She says that Dept. 56 figurines are more valuable if they include their original box and packaging and has given you both.

  • Bad Title: Department 56 Starbucks Figurine
  • Better Title: Department/Dept. 56 Starbucks House Figurine
  • Best Title: Mint DEPARTMENT/DEPT 56 Starbucks XMAS House w/Box

Best Practices:
  • Grade items using category specific terminology. (Mint versus Excellent)
  • Include your item’s brand name and model name.
  • Emphasize qualities that make your item stand out from the rest. (w/Box)
  • Familiarize yourself with popular and unpopular category terminology. (Not necessary to use “figurine” as a Dept 56 item automatically equates to figurine.)
  • Periods are not necessary unless the brand name includes them. (Dept. versus Dept)
  • Include popular, often searched for, abbreviations. (Dept)

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