Fleece Jacket — eBay Title Example

Example: North Face Jacket, Pink

Background: Purchased at REI in 2004, the tag says the style is “Denali” and it’s a women’s size medium. The jacket is new, made of pink fleece material and has original tags attached. The seller purchased the jacket.

  • Bad Title: Pink North Face Jacket
  • Better Title: North Face Pink Denali Jacket
  • Best Title: North Face DENALI Pink Fleece Jacket/Coat Med NWT
  • Alternative Title: New NORTH FACE DENALI Pink Fleece Jacket Med NWT

Best Practices:
  • Include your item’s brand name, style, color, and size. (North Face, Denali, Pink, Med)
  • It is beneficial to include condition if item is new or like new. (NWT stands for New with Tags, a commonly used eBay acronym) – You may alternatively use the word “New” or “Like New” in the title as it attracts bidders.
  • Include all comparative keywords that a user would search for. (Jacket/Coat)

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