Framed Lithograph — eBay Title Example

Example: Framed and signed Henri Matisse lithograph

Background: The seller tells you that this is a limited edition lithograph titled “Circus” that was signed and numbered by Matisse.

  • Bad Title: Henri Matisse Art Print
  • Better Title: Limited Edition Henri Matisse Lithograph
  • Best Title: Framed LE Henri MATISSE SIGNED Circus Lithograph

Best Practices:
  • Include your item’s full artist name and title. (Henri Matisse, Circus) a. Some artists do not have to be listed by first and last name — for example, Picasso and Monet are famous enough that bidders will most likely search using the artist’s last name as their keyword.
  • It is helpful to know a certain category’s commonly used acronyms and abbreviations. (Using LE instead of Limited Edition saves 13 characters and turned up more search results.)
  • Include any unique and/or distinctive characteristics. (Framed)
  • When there are too many listing title word options, select the keyword that turns up the most searches. (Using only “Signed” instead of “Signed and Numbered”)

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