Photo Album — eBay Title Example

Example: Lot of 10 Creative Memories Photo Albums

Background: These black photo albums hold 4x6 photos.

  • Bad Title: 10 Black Photo Albums
  • Better Title: 10 Black Creative Memories Photo Albums Album
  • Best Title: 10 Black CREATIVE MEMORIES Photo Albums 4x6 Photos

Best Practices:
  • Check the FoundValue Value Finder for brand names, even if they do not seem to be popular. (Creative Memories is a copyrighted brand that is commonly searched for on eBay)
  • Be careful when adding the plural version of keywords. eBay may have already included the plural spelling in its searches. (Album and Albums both return the same number of searches. Photo and Photos, however, return different items.)
  • Include your item's brand name, model name or other popular features bidders will recognize. (4x6 Photos)

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