Baccarat Glasses — eBay Title Example

Example: Set of 6 Baccarat glasses

Background: Seller told you that the name of these glasses is “Capri”, and that he used them as wine goblets only a few times and took very good care of them. After careful inspection, you note that there are no nicks or scrapes.

  • Bad Title: 6 Baccaratt Glasses
  • Better Title: 6 Baccarat Wine or Water Glasses
  • Best Title: 6 Mint BACCARAT CAPRI Wine/Water Goblets/Glasses

Best Practices:

  • Double check to make sure that the spelling is correct.
  • Include your item's brand name, style or other popular features bidders will recognize. (Baccarat, Capri)
  • Include all comparative keywords that a user would search for. (Goblets, Wine, Water)
  • To indicate interchangeability, save space by using “/” rather than the word “or”.

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