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Business Summary:

When operating a child proofing business, you will inspect residences, daycare centers and other businesses where children are common, looking for any safety hazards or potential dangers. Some of the more common things you will be looking for include dangling blind cords, exposed electrical outlets, loose change within reach, razors in the shower, medications within reach, un-gated staircases, cleaning fluids or other chemicals, exposed stove knobs, unsecured cabinets, any choking hazards, and unrestrained furniture or televisions.

Once you have completed your walk through inspection and filled out a checklist of items that need attention, you will go over your findings with the parents, grandparents, daycare providers, or business owners. You will make suggestions and give options for fixing the various problems in order to make the space safer and more kid friendly.

You will have the flexibility to set your own hours and determine your area of service. You can easily operate this business out of your home to minimize overhead expenses and maximize your profit margin. You may need to be somewhat flexible with the hours you are willing to work and be available on Saturdays to accommodate clients.

Start Up Cost: $1,000 – $10,000

Can Be Home Based?: Yes

Can Be Operated Part Time?: Yes

Skills Required: There are not any real technical skills required for operating a child proofing business. However, you will need knowledge of basic tools and how to install things such as, safety gates, cabinet locks, and anti-tip restraints. Other skills needed for a successful child proofing business are an eye for detail, and knowing how to recognize potential hazards and problem areas. Excellent organization and customer service skills will also prove beneficial to your success.

How Much Can You Earn: Potential earnings of a child proofing business will vary depending on the size of the homes or businesses you are proofing, the volume of work per job, and the number of hours it takes to complete each job. Most child proofing businesses charge their customers by the hour at a rate of $15 to $25. Average annual earnings starting out can range from $25,000 to $52,000. However, earnings can be substantially higher by completing a high number of jobs per year.

Understanding Customers: Your clients will be parents, grandparents, daycare providers, and various business owners seeking to ensure the safety of their children and those who frequent their place of business.

Marketing Strategy: Word of mouth is by far the best form of advertising. However, there are other ways you can solicit new clients to get your business started such as, placing business cards and flyers at pediatrician offices and daycares, or placing classified ads in local newspapers. You can also ask local shop owners for permission to leave business cards or flyers at their checkout counters.

Requirements: A valid business license is required to operate a business. For more information and specific requirements, contact your state department of revenue. You will need some or all of the following to get your business started: • Basic Tool Kit (screwdrivers, wrenches, cordless drill, bit set) • Safety Gates • Safety Latches for Doors and Drawers • Outlet Guards • Cabinet Locks • Corner Covers • Anti-tip Restraints for Furniture • Covered Power Strips • Dependable Vehicle • Cell Phone • Checklist (for walk through inspection) • Day Planner/Appointment Book • Basic Office Supplies (business cards, flyers, pens, receipt books, file folders and forms to document necessary information for each customer, filing cabinet)

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