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How Much Handyman Business Can I Generate?

RealEstateResources 8/6/2008

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Business Summary:

As a handyperson, you’ll be fixing, remodeling, renovating, and building-everything from home appliances to possibly construction, for both commercial and private entities. Beyond the most general of fix-it tasks, you may be asked to adjust outlets, install heating, fix minor plumbing issues, paint, re-build, and install. Know up front what you’re willing to do and be direct about your specialties and expertise.

The advantages to the handyman/woman business are that it provides skilled cratsmen the ability to do what they love: work with their hands. Though sometimes menial, the rewards of fixing, building, and installing offers the handyman constant learning, exercise, and minimal supervision.

Start Up Cost: $2,000 – $10,000

Can Be Home Based?: Yes

Can Be Operated Part Time?: Yes

Skills Required:

The main requirement for starting such a service is, of course, that you are handy with tools, have the required tools and equipment, and have a good understanding and working knowledge of many trades—painting, carpentry, flooring, plumbing—basically, that you are a jack-of-all-trades. You’ll also need flexibility in what you accept for contracted jobs to begin with, as they may not be the most fun or lucrative jobs, but every happy customer can provide free advertising on your services, as long as you treat each contract with the utmost in quality, hard work, skill, expediency, and professionalism.

How Much Can You Earn:

How much you make in the handyperson business depends upon your experience, task expediency, and how well you market yourself. Knowing a variety of fix-it procedures in varying areas of expertise can greatly increase your marketability to your customers.

Almost all handymen/women charge by the hour anywhere from $25 to $40 per hour, depending upon skill level and the task involvement. You will also need to tack on charges for materials used and any associated shipping/handling fees incurred. This said, a well-versed handyman/woman can earn anywhere from $35,000 part-time to upwards of $100,000 full time per year.

Understanding Customers:

Your clients can be both commercial and individual entities. You may need to start private or individual sources-friends, family, and acquaintances-to build a solid customer base or recommendations and completed work. Know that everyone needs fixing or remodeling or installing at some point in their life, so marketing to a very broad customer base is wise. One constant remains with all of your contracts, however: remember that everyone expects the job to be done right and fairly quickly (especially in repair).

Marketing Strategy:

Your handyperson service can be best promoted through word-of-mouth advertising. Work for your friends, relatives, and people you know first to develop the priceless rewards of satisfied customers. Beyond this, standard advertising methods-such as listing in the yellow pages, posting flyers, and visiting home improvement-oriented shows/events work exceptionally well to get you the contacts and business you need.


Though in most cases, you do not need a specific license or accreditation from a vocational or trade school; it never hurts to boost your credentials to potential customers. Remember that with this particular home-based business, not much is initially needed beyond your skills and experience to begin successfully; so any skills or work you can add to your resume as a handyperson, will maximize your competitive edge.

To set up your handyperson business, you’ll need:

  • A large array of quality tools/supplies.
  • First aid kits (travel)
  • Transportation to/from contracts (truck is recommended as some of your jobs will require transportation of materials).

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