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Business Summary:

Kids’ parties are becoming more extravagant every day. Especially in upscale neighborhoods, parents vie for the title to the most elaborate and original kids’ birthday party of the year. Themes are big in children’s parties, and the more splashy and over-the-top the better. Take a look in star-watching magazines and websites at some of the parties celebrities throw for their kids—-they are unbelievable. Rich and famous parents spend big bucks on impressing the kids, parents, guests, and of course, the media attending these dazzling celebrations.

Outside the celebrity universe, ordinary parents still want to do parties for their kids that wow everybody in attendance and create memories their child will never forget. Event planners are now including kids’ parties as a segment of their services, and individual party planners just for children are also becoming widely popular.

Start Up Cost: $2,000 – $10,000

Can Be Home Based?: Yes

Can Be Operated Part Time?: Yes

Skills Required:

How Much Can You Earn:

As with all home-based businesses, income will depend on whether you will just be doing parties for a few friends and family, or working your service as a full-time, professionally-run business.

In estimating realistic potential revenues as a kids’ party planner, you will have to factor in expense items you will have to purchase for each party, as well as workable costs for your time, expertise, and mileage/gas in running around shopping and transporting party essentials to the site. Kids’ party costs vary, depending on how elaborate they are and how many different party components are involved, such as performers, music, food, portable play environments, special location tickets and fees, plus favors and decorations, etc.

Many party planners develop packages which already have their expenses figured in, plus adding in a percentage for their planning services-–usually from 15-20 percent. A simple theme-party package may be priced from as low as $500, with more complicated party packages running from $1500 to $3000, and sometimes more for high-profile clientele.

Understanding Customers:

If you are a parent who has already thrown some great birthday parties for your own kids, as well as observed parties your children have attended as guests, you will have some idea going in of what it takes to do a good party that everybody remembers. Creativity in terms of being able to visualize concepts and décor, as well as the ability to design and craft some of your own party décor, is a key factor also. Resource search and purchasing <

The Basic Traits of an Entrepreneur

To be a serious party planner for kids as a business, you will need to be a high-energy, driven person, with the self-discipline to start projects on your own, budget your time, and meet deadlines. You must be able to communicate ideas visually, verbally, and in writing, and have the ability to sell your ideas. Problem-solving <

Staying on Top of Party Trends, Creating New Themes

Theme trends and “what’s in style” can change quickly in kids’ parties. You’ll need to keep up with the latest in popular cartoon characters and animated kids’ movies, and what products are available for each one. You will also want to come up with unique theme ideas to set yourself apart from other party planners, so keep your eye peeled for new ideas. The most successful kids’ party planners are those who gain a reputation for doing the tried and true themes with a new twist, and being first to offer a party based on a new kids cartoon or movie theme.

Your customers most likely will be upscale; they will be parents and sometimes grandparents who want to throw kids’ parties that are guaranteed to be exciting, fun, and most important--go off smoothly, without a hitch. Today there are more career parents than ever with significant disposable income. Handing off party planning for their children’s celebrations to a professional is becoming a common and necessary practice for workaholic parents. These customers want to be able to enjoy their kids’ parties along with them, without the stress of making sure everything is running smoothly.

Moderate income parents can be good customers also. Some planners have a segment of their business targeted to budget-minded parents in which they pre-package all the components, including unusual items they have access to that parents won’t find in their local party store, and sell them as a do-it-yourself party package.

Marketing Strategy:

The success of your business will depend on the creative ways you can devise to promote services to your target market. You will want to stand out among all the other resources available to parents and others who will be putting on parties for kids.

Start With the Basics to Get Your First Customers

It’s important to stick with the marketing strategies most likely to produce immediate results in your startup phase. Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive materials and promotions that may not work. Concentrate on finding individuals who are your target customer, or will know many potential customers for your kids’ party planning business, and personally market to those folk.

Throw a Kids’ Party or Two to Start

Word-of-mouth is always the best advertising, and the kids’ party planning business is especially sensitive to this. You probably have already thrown kids’ parties for your own children and possibly for other family members and friends. As a business start-up, throw another party for a child’s upcoming birthday and put in your most creative bells and whistles. At the party, which should be running flawlessly, have your business cards and materials available to give to the adult attendees. Some of the expenses of throwing initial parties as marketing tools may be tax write-offs, but consult your tax advisor before counting on this.

Partner With Other Kids’ Party Service Providers

In the process of identifying resources for your party components, you will find performers, party locations and other products and services that cater to children’s parties. Partner with them to promote your services along with theirs.


Home Office Equipment

Every business owner needs a computer with the usual office software set, internet access, and a printer-scanner-copier.

For a kids’ party planning business, there are other specific items you need to begin.

Business License

A license will be necessary to purchase party supplies and other components you will need at wholesale prices. Some suppliers and services you will use may offer a discount to party planning businesses.

A Digital Camera

You will want to do your own photos of parties in progress and various party supply items as you shop. You will use these photos both for your own reference and some in your client proposals.

Professional Photographer

Locate a good professional photographer who can photograph the more high-budget kids’ parties you do, and have samples of his work available to offer your upscale clients who may wish to incorporate professional photographs into their party. Look for wedding photographers who may be starting out and hungry for additional business. You may be surprised at the excellent photographers out there who will work on the cheap.

A Photo Portfolio

A handsome photo scrapbook, similar to those used by wedding planners for cakes and flowers, will be a basic marketing staple that you have with you at all times along with your business card. Your portfolio with pictures of your best party themes and new products will come into play constantly as you meet with potential customers. You will use it for multiple presentations and multiple purposes and you have to keep it current. You may have an opportunity to be featured in a newspaper article or a local magazine; with an updated portfolio on hand, you are always ready to furnish a picture for publicity.

Show and Tell: A Professional Website is a Must

If you truly intend to have a children’s party business, as opposed to a hobby, you’ve got to have a great-looking website. Even though your business is built client by client, a professionally done, uniquely designed website is an investment that will not only pay off, but for a party business, is a must-have, basic marketing tool. Your website URL will be featured in all your promotion materials handed out to potential clients; you never know who may be browsing your site, considering you for their parties or for feature stories in community newspapers or magazines. Recent party holders will be proud to show off their party photos from your site, and will tell people to look at your site. Make sure your URL is listed on all print materials, such as your business card.

Resource Urls

  •  Party Planner 101. Free tips and kids’ party planning schedules on this site. Geared to parents doing the party themselves, but still good basic information for new professional party planners.
  •  Biz site. Guides and materials to purchase to help start a kid’s party planning business. Contains plans and thought-starters for all sorts of child-related party occasions other than just birthdays. Definitely worth looking into.

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