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lovegevity 1/6/2008

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Business Summary:

As a wedding planner, you’re the one in charge of catering, flowers, the cake – as well as soothing nerves and steaming out wrinkles. In other words, you should be personable, calm, extremely well organized, and have a knack for cultivating contacts with businesses that supply wedding essentials. But if you love weddings and want to join a booming industry, becoming a wedding planner just might be the perfect profession for you. Being the person in charge at one of the most critical occasions in a family’s life is a major responsibility. But when you watch all the details come together just as you carefully planned it, you’ll know the satisfaction of having done a big job extremely well.

Start Up Cost: $2,000 – $8,000

Can Be Home Based?: Yes

Can Be Operated Part Time?: Yes

Skills Required:

First, you must acquire the skills necessary for pulling together the perfect wedding. Try offering your skills to a florist, a caterer or an established wedding planner for several weeks or for the summerEven if you work for free, you will find your payoff in the knowledge you gain. Visit the catering halls in the area you intend to serve, and get to know their prices and the number of guests they can handle. Once you’ve gained some experience, work on pulling together your own portfolio of weddings you planned or assisted with. Keep up with what’s new in the field by reviewing all the latest bridal magazines. And keep in mind the importance of getting to know a network of suppliers with whom you can negotiate for the best price. You need to have an outgoing personality, a sense of responsibility, and the maturity to handle any crisis that arises. Impressing your clients with your grace under pressure is just part of the job – and if it’s the job for you, you’ll love every minute of it.

How Much Can You Earn:

Be prepared to wait as long as three years to have your reputation as a qualified wedding planner firmly established. You may work in the field for five years before you see a significant profit. Some planners charge a percentage of the expenses for the wedding (10% to 15%) or they may charge by the hour ($50 to $150). As the average wedding requires up to 40 hours of the planner’s time, you can expect to make $3,000 or more per wedding.

Understanding Customers:

Remember, you won’t just be working with the bride and groom. Their families will also be your clients and they’ll want to give their input, too. Then you’ll have the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girl, the ring bearer and assorted vendors to work with. Emotions may reach a fever pitch, but you’ll soon learn to handle missing buttons and late-arriving flowers with aplomb. Your primary concern will be making sure that this special day is everything the bride and groom had hoped for. In the process, you’ll help to solidify your reputation as a premiere wedding planner.

Marketing Strategy:

Working part-time or summers with a wedding supplier, caterer or established planner can help get your name known in the industry. Use recommendations from satisfied clients and business people you’ve worked with to impress potential customers – be sure to feature these quotes in your brochures and on your website. Have a beautiful portfolio of pictures ready to display to couples who contact you. You will want to advertise in local newspapers and in the Yellow Pages – and check to see if you can leave cards and brochures at bridal salons and banquet halls. Of course, the best advertising is word-of-mouth from those who have used your services and been very pleased with your efforts. Gradually, you will see your hard work pay off, as more and more clients select you to be their planner.


Whether you choose to have a home office or a commercial space, you’ll want to give the room the look of an up-to-date salon – comfortable, light and airy, with a couch and chairs that allow your clients to relax. Keep clutter under control, so you appear organized and professional. In addition, you’ll need a computer with appropriate software, a printer, fax machine, a copier, and a phone with a toll-free number. Keep a cell phone with you when you’re out of the office in case of emergency – or a case of nerves. Since you need to keep track of all expenses, keep a calculator in your purse and on your desk at all times. And learn to take your own digital photos – lots of them!

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The Wedding Planning Institute Online wedding planner certification is a ripoff

reviewer01267 photo

reviewer01267   4/6/2009  

this course is a joke. They make you pay up to $1500 for your certification online and all it is is the book dived into chapters. the only benefit of taking the courses over buying the book for $125 is a certificate that isn’t even proof of anything considering bridal consultant career courses are not regulated by any government policy yet. It also takes days to get into a class after they take your money, and when I requested a refund because I couldn’t get anyone to activate my course sign-up, they refunded a non-existent paypal account instead of the credit card they used to take the payment from. Now, no one can find my money and they insist that it isn’t their problem because they “refunded” me. Don’t waste your time and money with this joke of an “Institute”

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