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Use your artistic talent to create collateral for special occasions, including wedding invitations, formal announcements, certificates, and customized menus.
Help parents child proof their homes and protect kids from hazards such as stairs, exposed outlets and stove knobs.
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Help young people get a solid start in life by showing them the skills necessary to choose the right colleges and to make it through the admissions process.
If you’re the one who always gets compliments for her food at family get-togethers – and you keep up with cooking and nutrition trends -- you might consider a business teaching cooking classes.
Your tech talents and artistic skills can open up a great professional opportunity making beautiful scrapbooks for any occasion.
Provide daycare to pets as well as offer grooming services such as bathing and nail clipping.
As a professional dog groomer, you’ll spend hours with different breed dogs, ensuring they are clean, clean-smelling, and pampered for their owners.
If you know your way around the community, why not do the running for other people and make extra cash while you’re on the go?
Turn your crafting talents into a rewarding career by selling through retail outlets, online websites, galleries or art fairs.
As a handyperson, you’ll be fixing, remodeling, renovating, and building-everything from home appliances to possibly construction, for both commercial and private entities.
If you enjoy caring for older Americans who are trying to stay in their own homes, your skills and compassion may bring you a satisfying career in the home care field.
Creativity and a great sense of style will insure your success as you help homeowners bring their living spaces to life.
Take advantage of increased cleaning needs of homes and businesses and operate a business that focuses on cleaning and repairing carpet and upholstery.
Use your artistic talent to enhance people's appearance for special events like weddings and photo shoots.
Great typing skills and a professional attitude can translate into a successful career that you manage from home.
Help stranded motorists with their car repairs or assist customers who are too busy to take their cars to the auto shop.
If you have musical talent, whether it’s in voice, piano, guitar or just about any instrument, you can use that talent to give music lessons.
Help clients look ahead to the goals they want to achieve – and to help counsel them on reaching those goals.
Solve cases for indviduals and businesses through interviews and surveillance.
Spend your days doing what you love: creating that special recipe or food that customers crave.
Providing a travel service like organizing complicated itineraries for clients, or arranging destination weddings
Purchase and place vending machines with small businesses, shops and storefronts. Restock and collect funds on a regular schedule.
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Be in charge of all the wedding plans, catering, flowers, the cake – as well as soothing nerves and steaming out wrinkles.

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