Fitness camps provide the perfect combination of personal training, team building, and hard work that results in people reaching their fitness potential! Something great happens when a group of people with similar fitness goals rally around each other at the crack of dawn to conquer the day’s workout. It’s about setting personal goals and pushing your limits. It’s about taking on some competition, but remembering that it’s ultimately you vs. you. It’s about feeling like you would run through a wall if the trainers asked you to. It’s about the air of confidence you feel as you make your way to your desk at the office knowing that, while most of your co-workers are still shaking off sleep, you’ve already done more running, pushing, jumping, pulling, and crawling than they’ll do all week! It’s about doing something for you!

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879 Vera St. 
GA 30316 USA
Work: (404) 610-9787
Fax: (404) 624-9112 Company Profile


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Opportunity Type: Licensing

Training Types:
  • Manual
  • Video
Support Types:
  • Phone Support

Business Start Date: 2005

Start-up cost

from $389 to $999

Opportunity Start Date: 2007

Number of Employees: 2

Number of Associates: 27

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