Custom Linings, Inc. serves a variety of industries and needs to include: Petrochemical, Steel, Wood and Concrete Construction and Repair, Mining Operations, Blast Mitigation, Flooring, Roofing, Casting, Wood and Concrete Decks, Primary & Secondary Containment, Waterproofing, Abrasion Resistance, Slip Resistance, Corrosion Protection, Marine Applications, Pipelines, Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants, Truck Fleets, Heavy Equipment Protection, Foundation Coatings, Spray Foam Insulation and Sprayed On Bed Liners and many others.

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15790 Fairway Dr. 
Buena Vista
CO 81211 USA
Work: (719) 395-4414
Fax: (719) 395-4416 Company Profile


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Opportunity Type: Dealership

Training Types:
  • At headquarters
  • At local location
Support Types:
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Internet
  • Advertising
  • Sales Leads
  • Phone Support

Business Start Date: 1995

Start-up cost

from $25,000

Opportunity Start Date: 1998

Number of Employees: 6

Number of Associates: 70

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