We provide gravesite beautification services to the individual cemetery visitor and cemeteries themselves. During the first few years we struggled to assure cemetery owners and managers that we are not in business to interfere with the duties of the maintenance crew at the cemetery. The services that we provide are specialty services. Most cemeteries do not provide the services that we provide. We are in business to provide site maintenance to perfection. Personaliz

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Company Website: http://www.gravegroomers.com

13055 Riverdale Dr. N.W., #500-220 
MN 55448 USA
Work: (888) 828-7805

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Email: customerservice@gravegroomers.com

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Training Types:
  • At local location
  • Manual
  • Phone
  • Internet
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  • None

Business Start Date: 1999

Start-up cost

from $5,000

Opportunity Start Date: 2005

Number of Employees: 4

Number of Associates: 140

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