Polishing Systems has been in business since 1964 when we began as a supplier to car washes and the few detailers in the business. As things progressed and detailing grew into an industry, we began manufacturing the items we sell. With only a couple exceptions, all of our products are made in our New Castle, PA factory using AMERICAN GOODS AND LABOR. This puts us in a unique marketing position and you will appreciate the difference. Look things over and give us a call. With our manufacturing being in house, variations are usually simple for us.

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Company Website: http://www.polishingsystemsusa.com

P.O. Box 1512 
New Castle
PA 16103 USA
Work: (800) 245-8118
Fax: (724) 658-6226

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Email: polishingsystems@comcast.net

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Opportunity Type: Licensing

Training Types:
  • Manual
  • Video
Support Types:
  • None

Business Start Date: 1969

Start-up cost

from $995

Opportunity Start Date: 1969

Number of Employees: 24

Number of Associates: 200

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