PosiGrip® is an exciting new opportunity. PosiGrip® is a process that increases the coefficient of friction on a tile floor or a porcelain bathtub. It is not a coating that can wear off, but a process that creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself. There is no discernible change in appearance.

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Company Website: http://www.posigrip.com

4420 N. Saddleback Tr., #102 
AZ 85251-3533 USA
Work: (800) 847-9605
Fax: (480) 946-2388

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Email: info@posigrip.com

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Opportunity Type: Dealership

Training Types:
  • At headquarters
  • Manual
  • Phone
  • Video
Support Types:
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Internet
  • Advertising
  • Sales Leads
  • Phone Support

Business Start Date: 1987

Start-up cost

from $8,000

Opportunity Start Date: 1995

Number of Employees: 11

Number of Associates: 1000

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