Taste of Gourmet offers gourmet foods and beverages online and through Career Consultants and Friends and Family Consultants. Taste of Gourmet also sells premixed and measured foods delivered right to the customer’s door. These include breads, beverages, desserts, soups, main meals, salad dressings, sauces and appetizers. They also sell gift packs. To get started you must buy their $75 Sales Pack. You will receive 35% commission as well as a website that costs $40 per year. There are 5 levels within the business.

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P.O. Box 540 
MS 38751-0540 USA
Work: (662) 887-5547
Fax: (662) 887-2522

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Email: ridge@tasteofgourmet.com

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Opportunity Type: Network Marketing

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from $75

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