Tomboy Tools is a tools and home improvement techniques company that markets its products through Tool Parties where Representatives teach classes in how to do various home projects such as plastering, mosaic tiling, dry walling, or plumbing.

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2650 W. 6th Ave. 
CO 80204 USA
Work: (303) 295-2797
Fax: (303) 722-1003 Company Profile


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Opportunity Type: None

Training Types:
  • At headquarters
  • Manual
  • Internet
  • Video
Support Types:
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Internet
  • Advertising
  • Sales Leads
  • Phone Support

Business Start Date: 2000

Start-up cost

from $159

Opportunity Start Date: 2002

Number of Employees: 12

Number of Associates: 900

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