Zavita, a part of the parent company FirstFitness, sells only Zavita health drink made from herbs from the Amazon through individual distributors.. The drink is called “Elixer of Life.” To get started as a distributor, you must buy a starter pak for $99. You will receive a 25% retail profit. You can also earn bonuses and additional commissions by building a team and recruit new distributors.

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1430 Bradley Ln., #196 
TX 75007 USA
Work: (972) 820-2151
Fax: (888) 492-8482 Company Profile


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Opportunity Type: Network Marketing

Training Types:
  • At headquarters
  • Manual
  • Internet
Support Types:
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Internet
  • Phone Support

Business Start Date: 2006

Start-up cost

from $99

Opportunity Start Date: 2007

Number of Employees: 35

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