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Home franchises has become more popular as companies discover that working from home can be just as effective as having a retail office space. FoundValue offers the best home franchise business listings.

Franchisers in sectors such as consulting, children's services, financial services, computer training and repair, cleaning, pet care, photography and travel, are now actively offering home franchisees opportunities to have their headquarters where they live.However, those interested in home franchises, must check with their local authority to see if there are any rules restricting the commercial use of their home property. Home franchises can save costs for both franchiser and franchisee, although specialist training will be needed to ensure that franchisees will be ready and able to run a successful franchise from home. Franchisees wanting to work at home do better when they develop a network with other home franchisees and business owners in their area.

Home Franchise Facts

  • Majority of home based franchise businesses are in services, including business services, financial, janitorial, food preparation, computer consulting, and marketing. Construction accounts for 16 percent of home-based businesses, and retail about 14 percent.
  • Over 90 percent of home franchises are sole proprietorships, with the remaining ten percent owned as partnerships or “S” corporations.
  • Average income for revenue producing home businesses is $63,000 a year (IDC survey).
  • About one-third of home businesses are part-time, with the majority acting as primary household income sources (Small Business Administration).

Is a Home Franchise Opportunity for You?

Home franchises are not for everyone, but there are plenty of you who would like to learn more about a work from home business. For whatever reason, finding a home franchise opportunity where you can succeed isn't an easy task, take advantage of FoundValue’s home franchise search engine and see if you can find a home franchise that matches your needs and interests.

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