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If you’re struggling to find a job or your job doesn’t pay enough to cover your lifestyle, consider starting a home business in your spare time. FoundValue offers the best home based business opportunity listings. If you’re not sure what kind of home business you want to start, check out our home business ideas.

Home Business Facts & Figures

  • 79 percent of home-based businesses will last over a three-year period (Home Based Business Institute).
  • Average income for income-generating home office households is $63,000 a year (IDC survey).
  • There are over 24 million home-based businesses operating in the US, and these make up 53 percent of all small businesses (Small Business Administration).
  • About one-third of home businesses are part-time, with the majority acting as primary household income sources (Small Business Administration).
  • Over 90 percent of home based businesses have no employees, and that about seven percent have less than five employees (Small Business Administration).
  • Majority of home based franchise businesses are in services, including business services, financial, janitorial, food preparation, computer consulting, and marketing. Construction accounts for 16 percent of home-based businesses, and retail about 14 percent.
  • Over 90 percent of home franchises are sole proprietorships, with the remaining ten percent owned as partnerships or “S” corporations.

Is a Home Business Opportunity for You?

Let's be honest, home businesses are not for everyone, but there are plenty of you who would like to learn more about a work from home business. For whatever reason, finding a home business opportunity where you can succeed isn't an easy task, take advantage of FoundValue’s home based business search engine and see if you can find a home business that matches your needs and interests.

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