Alpine Access provides customer solutions to clients and their customers. The Alpine Access solutions utilize a distinctive home-based employee model to create business benefits such as access to quality employees, compelling operational efficiencies and economic success.

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1120 Lincoln St #1400 
CO 80203 USA Work: (303) 279-0585
Fax: (303) 279-0584


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A decent work at home job

Stella photo

Stella   11/20/2008  

Alpine Access can be a decent work at home opportunity if you are willing to go through their training and accept their work schedule. Although you work from home, your schedule is set by management and days off have to be requested at least 30 days in advance to be approved by management. On the plus side, the company guarantees an hourly wage of $9.00 per hour. So you get a real bi-weekly pay check. Their initial training does require a lot of independent study which you are compensated for at a different rate. However, there continues to be required training frequently which is not compensated. Your success is judged by your Quality Score which is based on how you resolve customer questions and how long you put a customer on hold. The quicker you act, the better you are. The management makes an effort to create a good work environment with contests, incentives and friendly competition between co-workers. There are a number of people there that have been working at Alpine Access for years, that’s always a good sign.

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