is a search engine that uses the brainpower of people to find anything you want on the Internet. search experts are constantly handpicking cool, hard-to-find sites in order to present the best, most relevant results

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Get Paid to Answer Live Questions by Text!


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I like ChaCha!

sleepingblondie photo

sleepingblondie   11/14/2008  

I work for ChaCha as a guide and I really like it. You get paid $.10 at first for each query you answer. Then if you answer at least 200 questions a week and answer with a 95% quality control score, and actually answer 95% of the questions, you make $.20 for every query you answer. There are incentives and bonuses as well. They have me set up with a ChaCha acount, so anytime I want to get paid, I just click "Pay Me Now" and my earnings are transferred to my ChaCha debit card instantly. This is not a get rich quick job, but there is no investment to make, no resume to submit, it's not a scam, and you can start working within 4 days. Plus you can recruit up to 40 others and make 10% of what they make. I've worked for them for one month and just pressed the "Pay Me Now" and have an extra $360. It easy to do, and its fun. A lot of people waste hours on the internet anyway, why not make some change?

Possible, cash flow issues - would not recommend

Stella photo

Stella   9/8/2008  

According to an article I read in TechCrunch, ChaCha has announced a pay cut for its guides. Under the new program, the "top guides” will continue to receive 20 cents per question, but everyone else will get 10 cents per question - half of what they would have gotten under the old system. There are specifc guidelines to become a top guide including a minimum volume of searches per week which will force people who want to maximize their earnings to work a lot more than they would have otherwise.

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