eJury provides attorneys the opportunity to learn what people think about their cases.  eJury functions much like a traditional live mock jury or focus group except that the jurors (or eJurors) participate via the Internet.  The convenience of online participation allows for a larger panel on each case, giving the attorney the type of feedback normally associated with large focus group research, but without the traditionally high cost.  The results give the submitting attorney something he/she can use to promote settlement and/or prepare for trial.

Compensation: $5 – $10 per verdict

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PJ   3/18/2009  

So far,ejury.com sounds as if can fit in to my schedule , while allowing me to make a little extra money. it does not seem like so many others, scam after scam. I have not seen anything thta asks me for money first. My feeling is, if these "opportunities" are NOT scams. they will py people FIRST and then deduct a "joining" or "list " fee after you make the first two hundred dollars. People who are looking for work will not participate in "pay us first" scams. They are looking for work because they need money It's a big"duh" to me.

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