Elance is an online marketplace that facilitates a forum for freelance professionals and individuals or companies looking for freelance contract jobs. Elance also facilitates the entire work process from hiring to collaboration to payment.

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Loving Elance!

Suzanne Boyd photo

Suzanne Boyd   10/29/2008  

I have loved the work I have found on Elance. Elance provides the ability to learn about your prospective client as well as your competition. I have completed several projects and all have been very positive experiences.

Thank goodness for Elance!

Calabash Pacific Inc. photo

Calabash Pacific Inc.   8/22/2008  

I've been working with Elance since May 2008 and have made over $5,000 since then. I found Elance quite by accident and gave it a try. Before Elance, I was selling collectibles on Ebay and was looking around for another way to make money at home because the shipping charges were cutting well into my profits. Anyway, after looking around the site, I decided to sign on for a monthly membership which was pretty affordable at about $15 a month. I decided to concentrate on writing because that's what I do best, but I didn't have any samples of writing for others to see my work, so I wrote up some short articles and stories and posted them into a portfolio that I made up for myself on the site. I also added a picture and wrote a profile for my business. I enjoy the diversity of jobs I've gotten - articles, ebooks, rating bloggers, creative short stories, etc. I haven't had any major problems on Elance, but they do take a percentage of what I make (about 6-8%.) I have my payments automatically sent to my checking account which can take 2-3 days to hit the bank. If you are new to Elance you will be tempted to bid low to get a job, but be careful or you will end up working for almost nothing if the job takes more time than you originally thought. Set aside an office space devoted to your work on Elance, bid carefully, don't think you have to bid on everything (be a little choosy to save your sanity). Set aside some time and take a look at Elance.com. Best of luck and hope you enjoy your experience just like I have!

Good to say about this

Emphasize Outsourcing photo

Emphasize Outsourcing   8/20/2008  

I’m Krish from Emphasize Outsourcing…We are one of the top service providers in elance since 2006 and I just like to describe elance in one word “Excellent” http://emphasize.elance.com http://www.emphasizebpo.com

A good option overall...

Ashley Denman photo

Ashley Denman   8/11/2008  

Elance has been a wonderful solution for me and my family; it is the ultimate way to control how many hours you work, when you work, and how much your time is worth. I can work as much or as little as I like and typically there are quite a variety of projects to bid on so the scope of my work is constantly changing. I have been working on Elance.com approximately six months and have found a couple of projects to work on that ranged from research to a community outreach program. The process of getting started involves setting up your online profile (comparable to setting up a webpage) which is your online resume. It includes your skill set, references, work experience, and educational background. For a fee, you can have each of these areas verified by the Elance team which is helpful for “buyers” looking to purchase work. You then take an entry test which simply tests your ability to navigate the Elance site and then you are set to start “bidding” for work! After that, you submit a proposal to a project and wait to be selected for the work. It is up to the “Buyer” of each project to select a “Provider” and then negotiate the terms for the project. The server is not without opportunity for improvement. For instance, the site has a free membership that is completely unfeasible for anyone looking for consistent work. Each membership level is allotted a certain number of “connects” which basically limits the number of projects you can bid on in a month. You can get more connects…for purchase of course. Frankly, the site nickel and dimes you with these connects, charging you for even asking a prebid question to a buyer. Additionally, Elance handles payment through Escrow and makes 4-6% off each project (paid for by the provider). Each project is not required to use Escrow, however, it is the only way to protect the buyer and provider. Also, the competition is international thanks to the world wide web. You are competing for work with other people that are willing to do work for a lot less than what is needed for a standard of living in the U.S. All in all, I would recommend Elance as an option for someone looking to work from home. I would just also suggest they have back-up work for slow periods.

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