LiveOps enable businesses to deliver high-performance call center and optimal customer contact. The LiveOps hosted call center platform provides an enterprise-scale infrastructure, while the network of 16,000 experienced independent agents effectively handle incoming or outgoing calls.

Compensation: $9 – $11 Dollars per hour

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5425 Stevens Creek Blvd. 
Santa Clara
CA 95051 USA Work: (800) 411-4700

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Great Lifestyle - Limited Potential

Stella photo

Stella   11/19/2008  

If you're looking to work from home in your slippers, this is a decent job. Your success really depends on the product you're assigned to sell. It can be all in the luck of the draw. Which customer bites the bullet and buys from you over the phone. You read the scripts word for word, so as to draw people in. They are worded perfectly to sound like you're giving them a great deal.

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