Our365 is the leading provider of in-hospital newborn photography in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company hired contract photographers to go into hospitals and take pictures of newborns.

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Wrong Picture

nivlong photo

nivlong   4/14/2009  

The independent contracter at our hospital called our baby "unique" because it cried when she picked her up. We weren't sure if her off-hand remark that our child would have a "hard time going to kindergarten" was a put-down or not. When we finally calmed down our infant with shushing and swaddling (http://thehappiestbaby.com/), she was surprised that "ocean sounds" worked to calm the baby down. Supposedly the photographer had seen a lot of babies, but ours was so "very unique" because she didn't like being away from Mommy and was calmed down by white noise (her so-called "ocean" sounds). Go figure. We finally got one decent picture, but she accidentally erased it. She was able to recover the picture, but when we finally get our order it was the WRONG PICTURE. After calling Our365, it took a week for them to follow-up with the photographer. The customer service rep said to call them back in a week just in case he forget to call us. It almost seemed like he was their only phone rep. They got back to us a week and a half later and said the picture was unrecoverable. To get a refund we have to send the order back, either by putting “Return to sender” on it and placing it back in the mail OR by mailing it to them by paying postage ourselves. Without any offer to cover postage for their mistake, I'm fairly disappointed in the service. I have a feeling if I send it without a return receipt, it may get “lost.”

They lost my moms checks from 2yrs ago and now they cant find it. camon man!!

dawn hale photo

dawn hale   2/22/2009  

SO after you give birth, shortly after the pitchure company show you a packket of the prices right?, and they make you pay upfront. OK well I had an emergency c-section so I wasnt prepared with cash, long story short my mom paied them $34.53. It took 3months to get my pitchures. well thats not the bad part. Almost 3 years later they are sending me to collections,said that they didnt recive a payment. WTF! You pay first. how can they loose it? so now they want me to ask my mom for her bank statments from 2006. On top of that , when you try to get incontact with someone they never answer the phone. Why would i give them my mother personal bank infomation when they are doing such a crappy job keeping trak of record in the first place. I will never do this again.


ccclark80 photo

ccclark80   1/28/2009  

I do not know where to begin to explain how horrible this company is. Let's start from the beginning. We had a beautiful newborn baby boy a month ago and while we were at the hospital we were visited by Our365 to have pictures taken of our baby "for our family." This woman asked and naturally I asked questions. She seemed very inconvenienced by my questions and rude when she answered them. I explained to her that I wasn't that interested in their services but it had been a long day or two and we were exhausted, so I asked her to come back later in the evening because we needed some rest. She comes back an hour and a half later and asks if we are ready. I said I still don't know if I want your service. She said "well, don't you want your family to be able to see your baby and be able to purchase a picture of him." I explained to her that I am very tech savy and have already emailed dozens of photos to them, and that I video taped the birth (from an appropriate angle) and set up an account on the web so my whole family had already seen our son. She seemed almost offended by this and said "well don't you want a professional photo that they can have in their house? And don't you want a website they can go to too." I said no. She then says "can you design a website?" I said actually yes I can. She then looks at my wife and says the same to her. After a brief discussion with my wife we proceeded. Assuming she was a "professional" photographer that was going to take "professional" photographs, I said ok. I am looking for an oufit for him and she looked over my shoulder and saw a black Hurley hoodie we received as a gift. She then says "oh, what is he going to be? A goth baby." What!? She then says "well, I assume because you are in black and have tattoos." I explained to her that a year ago I had been honorably discharged by the Marines and during my time in the Corps I had gotten a lot of tattoos. She then says "oh, your a Marine? Thats why you have a camoflauge baby blanket. Every Marine that comes through here buys that camoflauged stuff for their baby." What!? Excuse me for being proud of my country! She then looks at my wife (who is beautiful and looks like she didn't just have the baby)and says "how did you end up with him?" What!? I am at this point two seconds from tearing this woman a new one, but I don't because it has been a long couple of days and my wife doesn't need this right now. She then comes back with this cheap digital camera, lays a blanket we brought on the bed (because she didn't bring anything)and starts to take about a dozen of the worst photographs I have ever seen. As soon as she left I said we are not buying anything from them! We have a few friends that are having babies within the next three months, so we told them all about Our365. I wasn't even going to write this review until this morning when they called and were rude again after we had already told them over the phone that we didn't want their services. There is not a single person that owns a camera that can't take a better picture than Our365. Do yourself a favor and stop them at the door so you don't have to go through what everyone who has used them has had to go through!

worst service EVER!!!!!

clwalker21 photo

clwalker21   9/9/2008  

I've had two children and have used this company before for my first child. Now the first time i did this the pictures were fine i paid for them with a CREDIT CARD and got the pictures in a week. With my second child the company went by s different name (our365) and i guess there doing things a little different as far as payment goes. the photographer took my CREDIT CARD info for a half payment and never even ran the card and if they did and it declined i never got notice until 4MONTHS LATER!!!!! which is another thing, it's a damn Credit card not a check if declines why the hell wouldn't you notify me of that.now i get a notice from a collection ageny who represents them stating the amount i owe to them butyet i never recieved anything (which is understandable since my card denied but why are yall still trying to charge me for it. and then i get call for them and reps, even the supervisor were rude as hell!! threating me that they would put this on my credit report if i didn't pay, so basically they are forcing me to pay for something i dont want anymore and that is bullshit, If they're going to be the one who take my babies pictures then i wont be getting pregnant ever again that's how rude they were. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE RUDE AND FULL OF SHIT!!!.

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