Tutor.com offers tutors in all subjects such as Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, English and more. Tutors work with people for as much time as necessary to get the job done. Every one of the 2,000 tutors is fully screened, certified and an expert in tutoring online.

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Tutor.com - Poor Work Environment

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Stella   11/19/2008  

I’ve heard a number of teachers at tutor.com express negative experiences with the company so I thought I’d share what I’ve heard. First, the pay starts at $9/hr and can increase to $12/hr if you receive great student ratings. If you’re interested in supervising others, you can be promoted to a ‘mentor’ and earn $13/hr. Second, volume of business has recently fallen off as Tutor.com has moved from provide teaching services to libraries and returned to providing tutoring to individual students through their TutorDirect program. Tutor.com faces online competitors who work with tutors from India who can afford to charge $4/hr for quality tutoring. As a result, tutors have a hard time scheduling themselves enough hours to make a decent amount of money. Three, job security also seems to be an issue. Tutors get dismissed with little warning and for a variety of reasons, some of which are out of their control. In general seems like a lousy work environment.

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