West at Home is a customer contact solution that utilizes home-based agents to provide companies service, productivity and results. West at Home leverage West Corporation's twenty-plus years of customer contact experience and operational expertise to deliver customer care and acquisition solutions. Every home agent program benefits from West's technology, reporting capabilities and system availability.

Compensation: $8 – $11 per hour

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How do I get a new skill?

duney75 photo

duney75   5/15/2009  

I was hired with West and was assigned the Dominion Gas skill but couldn't work the hours they required. I has been about two months and I haven't heard anything else from them. How long does it take to get a new skill? Can you just apply for one?

I work for west currently with the Home shopping network skill

tinisha01 photo

tinisha01   4/25/2009  

I applied for west at home back in september of 08 and didn't get any reply from them until february 2009. I dont know why it takes so long but unfortunately it does. I have a friend who works for direct and then picked up livenation as a second skill. And good luck getting hours with them. They never have any, she has the same problems. Just watch the message board to see if any additional skills are open. You have to be quick because there are many people with the same problem. And lastly, other companies that are legit work at home are, Alpine Access, LiveOps, and Teletech Hope this helps..

needing work at home

risamj photo

risamj   4/24/2009  

seems like we all have a hard time getting in with this company. anyone know any other company to try that's similiar

Currently employed with west at home

merdenoms352 photo

merdenoms352   4/17/2009  

the new hire process actually went rather quickly for me. the problem im having now is that there are never any hours available. i asked if i could pick up a different skill or switch. im currently working on the livenation skill but im lucky if i get to work 1 hour a week

Still waiting to hear something from West

darcy.spitzer photo

darcy.spitzer   4/14/2009  

I applied for West At Home back in January to do work at home. It is now April and I still haven't heard anything. Can anybody tell me what to expect next? Has anybody ever waited this long to hear from West? Thanks. Darcy


kris-krat photo

kris-krat   2/24/2009  

I have been working for west for over a year. I am a stay at home mom and it is the the best thing I could ask for. I took calls for D.R., Schering Care and ShopNBC so my hours are wonderful! They are legit and I have ALWAYS been payed on time! It only took less than a month for me to get hired, but I guess that was before all the job losses and there is a lot of competion now and a lot of applications they must go through...so you have to be patient and remember this is a real job and they take all the steps needed to be hired! You have to be timly too with your end of the paper work and forms! You can contact human resources, but you will more than likley get a voice resording asking you to leave a message and they will call you back...if you get lucky someone will answer! That number is 1 877 729 2245 or you can call a PAL at 1 866 326 7642 that is for a Direct Rresponse PAL, but they can lead you to the right department, depending on what you need! Hope this helps! I LOVE WEST!!

West at home

martha1818 photo

martha1818   2/10/2009  

I send all the paper work in on 02/01/09 and I haven't heard anything from them yet. All it says that HR need to process my application. How long does it take for them to let you know if you are hired. Does anyone know their phone number.

Online Form Process

chriz2002 photo

chriz2002   2/9/2009  

Well I received the email that links me to my form database. When I go into my tax forms and click on the W-4 page it is for 2007. It is 2009, shouldn't the tax forms be current? I am not sure what to do, if I should fill it out or not? I tryed emailing them and haven't heard anything, anyone have this problem? Thanks

Pay per minute ver per hour ?

gabbana700 photo

gabbana700   1/29/2009  

I was given only one skill that pays by the talk minute. Is there any skills at West at home that pays by the hour. And what avancement opportunities are there? If i dont choose the one skill they give will they send others ?


peewee photo

peewee   1/26/2009  

I was hired by WAH Dec 23, 2008. I was instructed to use the username they gave me in e-mail and to create a password. It is now Jan 26, 2009 and I am stil waiting on them to get me logged into their system. I cannot begin training, nor do I have a agent number because I can't login on. The PAL have tried to help but to no avail, they said the problem has to be in the main system in Omaha. I am so frustrated because I need this job. If anyone have had this problem and information would be appreciated.


manda120478 photo

manda120478   1/23/2009  

I got the first email from WAH and I get a link, I go to the link and it asks me for a validation code...what is that????

West At Home

bb2bzy4u photo

bb2bzy4u   1/20/2009  

I was hired too and began training for a cable company. I had several system issues and didn't have access to one of the systems to review before and during the testing. In contacting the PAL they told me that WAH was aware of the system issues and were taking down information to forward to Tech but that I should go ahead and try to do the training, I failed the very last module and then had system problems. That was about two weeks ago and they haven't contacted me. Not sure they will let me retest even with the system issues. Now I am waiting for a new skill but not sure how that works. I have two friends that have been hired since this time and now are training. Does anyone know how long this takes or should I look for other work?

a response!

nikispencer photo

nikispencer   1/16/2009  

just keep clicking on the link..it will eventually work..or copy and paste it.. i was getting that problem only once and then it work. but in reference to the hiring process. it took 11 months for them to get in touch with me from the original application date. i just filled out all the paper work, so hopefully everything goes ok. i used to work for west in an office and i liked it. hopefully i will have the same experience.


quadonya13 photo

quadonya13   1/16/2009  


Good Luck With That

puffidredz photo

puffidredz   1/9/2009  

I too have been waiting for oblivion for them to send me my login for West At Home web site. I received an email saying I would receive it in 7 business days ... its been going on over a month now and still nothing. I have sent emails. I have gone through their web form. I have even called but they hang up on me. And still a month later nothing. Personally, I suggest don't hold your breath on it. I used to do West at home years ago and their time tables was accurate; I was up and taking calls within less than a month from the first day applied. I didn't have to try to contact them about anything. But now they've just gotten "ghetto" and disorganized. The first time I worked for them they moved us all to employees from contractors so I sent in my paperwork ... they lost it. And then I got a reply back when I asked about the status of it that said in a nutshell I had to re-apply. Well, that was in January ... so good luck with trying to get into West. *****UPDATE****** January 9th, 2009 ... Still waiting P.S. They send me emails everyday tho. Apparently, they signed me up for the Virgin Mobile line group and continuously send me emails to complete training and to sign up for hours in Spectrum ... yet I still don't have a login so I can't even do all that. I sent yet another email last week regarding this ... I have heard nothing. Seems obvious that they are disorganized. (still holding breath)

Employment Process

debbie deb photo

debbie deb   11/26/2008  

I applied online for the work at home agent position with West on November 20,2008. I received an email last night stating the online hire paperwork has been processed and to expect a Welcome Email within 48-72 hours. I just hope the rest of the process goes smoothly.

waiting on another skill

waiting 4 west photo

waiting 4 west   11/20/2008  

hi,my story goes like this i actually got completely hired,recieved a skill to train with,but started training about 11:30pm until about 2:00am and flunked the next test,well thats been over a month and i haven't recieved another skill yet.is there any other person out there that's had this experience,if so, can you tell me if you ever got another skill, and approx. how long did it take

contact info

gpitts85 photo

gpitts85   10/15/2008  

I need to get the contact info for them. I got the welcome packet from them but the links are not working so I cant finish my paperwork. If someone could send me that info I would appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day.


kimmie photo

kimmie   10/13/2008  

I have been working with West for a month now and I love it! I must admit that it took a couple of months to get on..but once I received my Welcome email, I was training for my skill the next day. It took me about 20 hours to train for the Virgin Mobile Activations line and I signed up for hours immediately after I passed my test! My pay has always been deposited on time in my checking account and I am very satisfied with the PALS, my skill and most of all the flexibility that this new opportunity has given me.

Not bad if you like phone work

Suzanne Boyd photo

Suzanne Boyd   10/2/2008  

I worked for West about 3 years ago. The hiring process was a little timely but not unreasonable. The PALS that I spoke to lacked some major customer service skills. Ironic considering they are a customer service company. All in all I would work for them again if I really needed to. They definately give you opportunities for advancement in working with different clients and at different pay rates. This was 3 years ago so I am not sure what or if things have changed since then. I didn't care for the talking on the phone all day, but I know others enjoy it.

Gone through all forms, etc, West at Home

AthenaJade photo

AthenaJade   9/7/2008  

I've gone through all the forms and what not, I am supposed to start training this coming week, but whomever set up my account and sent me my welcome letter, neglected to actually put me into the system! I keep getting a rather annoying go around, the PALS told me to send an E-mail to one account, that account told me to send an E-mail to another account, which set me up an account with another system, which then told me to E-mail human resources, which I had done in the first place, this is rather upsetting to me. They have been prompt in getting me these e-mails I will give them that. I hope that once this issue is resolved it will be the end of all the trouble. I haven't read any negative reviews about this company, so I'm assuming that this is just a slight problem that will quickly be resolved! Also it took me about two months before I even got this far, but I believe that is because it's one of the few legit at home company's out there so, they have a high application rate.

Its Legitimate but Process Takes a While

Stella photo

Stella   9/2/2008  

I haven't personall applied to West at Home but when I was researching work from home jobs, I came across a forum discussing the opportunity. Sounds like you can apply online, then they send you an employment offer if they accept you and then you complete their online new-hire process, which includes your social security number and a I-9 verification form that has to be notorized and faxed. They are hiring and getting a lot of applications. Has anyone gone through the process with them yet?

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