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In a bookkeeper job, you get paid to manage the financial records a company. Freelance and telecommuting bookkeepers can work from home or part time and provide accounting support for small businesses. Bookkeepers are responsible for keeping the financial books which can include preparing financial statements, cost reports and tax returns. Bookkeepers must know how to deal with the mechanics of accounts, ledgers and journals.

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Put your math skills to the test as a bookkeeper

Many bookkeepers have had no formal qualifications prior to starting bookkeeping. Skills required to be a good bookkeeper are basic accounting knowledge, attention to detail, being orderly and well organized, being able to resolve problems and having basic knowledge of computers and software programs like Quickbooks.

The majority of work from home bookkeepers have 10 or less clients and get paid on an hourly basis between $15 and $30 per hour depending on the experience, industry and complexity of the work.

Best way to build up a client base for a bookkeeping business is to find a couple of clients (either through referrals or an online job site (see above), do a good job for them and then ask them for referrals. Word of mouth is the major source of new business for bookkeepers, followed by referrals by accountants and tax attorneys.

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