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In medical transcription jobs, you can work at home or part time and get paid to convert doctor recorded reports into typed reports. Medical transcriptionists should to be familiar with medical terminology, as well as legal standards and requirements for health records. In most cases, companies prefer to hire medical transcription candidates with previous experience or who have a degree in medical transcription.

AccuScribe is a medical transcription service organization (MTSO) that leads teams of medical transcriptionists throughout the United States and Canada to transcribe hospital and government records.
Amphion Medical Solutions is a provider of medical outsource services that meet the medical industry’s needs for credentialed transcriptionists and coders as well reimbursement for products and services, HIPAA compliance, and education and training.
Applied Medical Services is a leading provider of medical transcription, coding, billing, practice management, and consulting services to hospitals, private practices and emergency department physician groups.
Transcription services.
OSi is a national provider of outsourced transcription, coding and technology services that help hospitals and large clinics complete their medical documentation process.
SpectraMedi is a provider of transcription service with complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.
Transcend is a provider of medical transcription services to health systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices.
Transcription services for medical organizations.

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Medical transcription jobs are continuing to grow as the U.S. population is rapidly aging while living longer lives. This demographic trend along with legal requirements indicates that the need for medical transcription will continue to dramatically increase.

Qualifications for medical transcription include training in medical terminology and an understanding of policies, procedures and documentation protocols required for the production of medical records. The most important consideration in finding successful employment is your skill set and experience. Most transcription companies require two to three years of experience at a minimum.

The annual income for full-time entry-level transcriptionists in a hospital is $20,000 - $35,000. However, more experienced transcriptionists can expect to make double or even triple that amount on the basis of how much they produce - particularly if they have their own clients.

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