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Mystery shoppers, or secret shoppers as they are sometimes called, get paid to eat at restaurants, shop at stores and try out products and services anonymously. The job of the mystery shopper or secret shopper is then to report back on the level of service and cleanliness to help improve the experience for future customers. Secret shopper jobs have been around for some time for those interested in work at home or part time income opportunities, but the Internet has made finding them a lot easier.

Market research mystery shopping services.
Anonymous research for customer service improvement.
Mystery shopping services.
Mystery employee assessment.

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Shop until you drop as a mystery shopper

Research companies that hire mystery shoppers look for reliable, articulate, detail-oriented people to become mystery shoppers.

Mystery shoppers can make $5 to $100 per assignment to pose as average customers and then critique a store, restaurant or service. In addition to the cash, mystery shoppers often receive free goods and services.

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