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As an online guide, you have an online writing job where you get paid for sharing your expertise and passion with the rest of the internet by writing articles, creating search results or answering questions in an online environment. Online writing jobs have created a new work at home opportunity for those looking to telecommute or work part time.  
Online information bank.
Online publishing and distribution Web site.
Internet search engine.
Online community of contributing writers and editors.
Online for-pay advice.
Human-powered search engine.

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Share your expertise as an online guide and writer

By writing articles, you won't make big bucks but you can build an online portfolio of published work while at the same time making some money. Some article websites pay around $10 per approved / published article while others share the advertising revenues on your article pages.

You can also create search results for Mahalo, a search engine that uses people to build search results for popular search terms. Mahalo pay guides $10 to $15 per search result that they’ve identified as worthwhile. Chacha is also a search engine that pays live guides $5 to $10 per hour to assist users in real time with online search.

You can also agree to answer questions online for a price. pays experts on a variety of subjects based on accepted answers.

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