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In software development jobs or web development jobs you can get paid on a contract basis while working from home or with site visits. The Internet has helped thousands of programmers and developers to abandon their office cubicles to work from home or telecommute. Web designers, software programmers, information architects, and database experts are taking advantage of the improvements in technologies and communication systems to create contract and freelance businesses out of their homes.

Web site connecting freelancers to jobs in programming & web design.  
Web site where employers can find and contract with freelancers.
Web site that connects coders with clients who need software.

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Abandon your cubicle as a freelance software developer / programmer

While the market for development jobs is increasing through freelance online marketplaces, many computer freelance jobs are being outsourced to countries like India, Pakistan and China. Freelancers from these countries can compete for assignments at significantly lower prices than their counterparts in the United States and Europe. Student programming freelancers in the United States and Canada have also found a good market for their development skills as their prices are also comparatively cheaper than those of experienced developers in the US.

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