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Most freelance writers work from home and write about non-fiction subjects for different types of publications, such as newspapers, magazines, website content, and corporate publications. The need for website content has increased dramatically as websites try to increase their page views and usage in order to capture more online advertising dollars. As a result, writer jobs that allow you to work at home have increase substantially.

Online information bank.
Online publishing and distribution Web site.
Internet search engine.
Online community of contributing writers and editors.
Online for-pay advice.
Human-powered search engine.

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To be a good writer, you need a good grasp of basic writing skills, including proper grammar, syntax and sentence structure, and presenting ideas clearly.

Beginning freelance writers usually earn less as they begin to slowly build their client base. But once you become proficient at producing writing content, you will be able to earn more as you accept more clients. Professional freelance writers can earn on average between $40 and $150 per hour.

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