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Description: Learn from one of the nation's most experienced and respected programs in educational technology. Customized to fit your professional needs, that pushes you to become a better teacher, an expert in your Ed Tech specialization.

Total Enrollment: 275 students as of 10/25/2006

Accredidation: Two 16-week semesters and a 10-week summer session.


Credit Options: We accept six and occasionally nine degree-granting credits from accredited institutions. We do not waive requirements for experience, but students may apply for a practicum, which gives credit for appropriate professional activity.

Platform: Highly interactive asynchronous instruction online. We also use video conferencing technology which occasionally requires synchronous scheduling.

Geographies: No geographic or ethnic restrictions.We have students in all U.S. time zones and in several nations in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, and the South Pacific.

On Campus Requirements: Students never have to come to Boise, although we always welcome their voluntary visits. Students are encouraged but not required to participate in graduation.

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Windows 95/98 or Mac OS 8.X, 32 MB RAM, 33.6 KB Modem, Color monitor,Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher); Netscape (4.5 or higher)
  • Admin Requirements  The application process has four steps--an online application, official transcripts, a letter of application, and an essay. One program requires GRE.
  • Costs  $348 per credit. One fee for all--no instate, out-of-state, or international student differential. Total investment for a master's degree--including books--is about $12,000.
  • Scholarships  No scholarships are available. We have a few graduate assistantships each year, but students must be on campus.
  • Loans  Federal student loans are available to U.S. citizens.

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