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Description: At CSU, we offer completely online accredited degree programs, open enrollment and a flexible learning style designed to accommodate your life.  Choose from online associate, bachelor, master, doctoral or certificate programs in a variety of fields including business administration, fire science, criminal justice administration, human resource management, and more.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: At CSU, there are no scheduled online sessions you need contend with. You are allotted 10 weeks to complete each course but you can complete a course in less time if you are able.


Credit Options: CSU allows maximum transfer credit for your prior academic credit, training experiences and relevant professional licenses and certifications. Up to 75% of undergraduate courses and 50% of graduate courses can be transferred into your degree program.

Platform: Courses are delivered entirely online

Geographies: Columbia Southern University welcomes students from the United States, the Armed Forces, and Canada.

On Campus Requirements:

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  It is necessary that CSU students have access to the Internet and an e-mail account in order to complete a program of study at CSU. If personal Internet service is unavailable, you are encouraged to contact local libraries, schools, or a public business.
  • Admin Requirements  CSU will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your applicant materials including any prior academic credit. This report will outline those courses we have determined you should take and those courses for which we have accepted transfer credit. Undergraduate Programs - High School Diploma or GED or Graduate Programs - Accredited Bachelor’s Degree or Doctoral Program – Accredited Master’s of Business Administration Degree and two years of professional experience post baccalaureate. Computer Access
  • Costs  Undergraduate: $195 per credit hour, Graduate: $260 per credit hour, Doctorate: $375 per credit hour. Textbooks included.
  • Scholarships  Robert G. Mayes Memorial Alumni Scholarship
  • Loans  Tuition Assistance is available to all Active Duty, Active Guard/Reserve, and Military and Civilian personnel of the Army National Guard, through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

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