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Description: At Lesley, you will earn your degree from an accredited university that combines creative and thought-provoking online teaching strategies with timely, practical content. Lesley prepares women and men for professional careers in education, the arts, human services, management, environmental activism and liberal arts.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: Online programs operate on a rolling admissions basis; apply at any time. Graduate programs run in three 12-week semesters (spring, summer, fall) while the undergraduate programs run in five 9-week terms (two in the spring and fall and one in the summer).


Credit Options: For graduate programs a maximum of 6 graduate credit hours, may be transferred and applied toward Masters Degrees. For Undergraduate programs, a minimum of 30 credits and maximum of 88 credits can be transferred and applied toward a Bachelors degree.

Platform: Programs are delivered entirely online. Courses are asynchronous, accommodating time zones and personal schedules, and can be accessed from any computer with a fast and reliable connection to the internet. Classes are small and instructor facilitated

Geographies: No restrictions

On Campus Requirements:

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Minimum requirements: high-speed internet connection; email; PC or a Macintosh operating system (pref. with 512 MB of RAM and a CD-RW); integrated word processor/spreadsheet package, pref. MS Office version 2000 or higher; antivirus software.
  • Admin Requirements  All applicants must submit the following, A completed application with fee, transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, 2-3 page written personal statement, interview.
  • Costs  $465 per credit
  • Scholarships  Students are encouraged to work with the University's Financial Aid office to obtain information about organizations that can help them find sources of funding (scholarships, grants, loan forgiveness programs, etc.)
  • Loans  Graduate/ professional students (U.S. only) enrolled at least part time, are eligible for financial aid up to $20,500 per academic year. Undergraduate students may receive between $5,500 and $12,500 in Federal Stafford Loans. Payment plans also available

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