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Description: Through Ecampus online degree programs and courses, OSU Extended Campus is bringing quality educational opportunities to you. Currently, Ecampus offers four undergraduate degrees online: Environmental Sciences, General Agriculture, Liberal Studies, and Natural Resources. Additionally, we offer 11 Online Minors, distance Graduate Degrees and Programs and online Chemistry Labs and Courses.

Total Enrollment: 6844 students as of 1/1/2008

Accredidation: Quarter-based with entry available Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer


Credit Options: The Admissions Office will complete an official evaluation of transfer credits after you have been admitted to OSU. After your transfer course equivalencies have been determined, they will be entered into your OSU transcript, which can be viewed online through your student account.

Platform: OSU Ecampus courses are primarily offered online, with some components delivered via video, interactive TV or independent study

Geographies: There are no geographic restrictions when enrolling as an OSU Extended Campus student.

On Campus Requirements:

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  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Extended Campus students are expected to be familiar with computers, the Internet and email. Computers with access to the Internet, sound capabilities and virus protection software are required.
  • Admin Requirements  Students must be admitted to Oregon State University to begin a degree-seeking program. The application may be completed online
  • Costs  Average costs: $208/per undergraduate credit, and $428/per graduate credit
  • Scholarships  At Oregon State University, scholarships are offered through a variety of sources and have varied eligibility criteria
  • Loans  A need-based grant is available to deserving students who are admitted and enrolled in a part- or full-time program of study offered through OSU Extended Campus. Degree-seeking Extended Campus students may be eligible for federal and state financial aid.

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