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Description: Pacific Graduate School of Psychology is a private, independent institution of higher education, located in Palo Alto, California. By offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in psychology, outstanding faculty and excellent research and clinical training opportunities students from around the world become prepared for a successful future in psychology.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: Students start once a year, in September. Students cannot enter the program once classes have started. Classes end in mid-June.


Credit Options: You can transfer up to 5 units of prior graduate work. The coursework cannot be more than 5 years old. It is done on a case-by-case basis. You need to submit the course description with supporting documentation (e.g., syllabus). It will be reviewed by a PGSP faculty member who will either accept or reject the course for transfer credit.

Platform: Onine asynchronous

Geographies: No restrictions

On Campus Requirements:

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  • Tech Requirements  You will need access to a computer with a Web connection for this to work. It is strongly recommended that you have a fairly powerful PC computer with a DSL or cable modem connection. Students can get by with dial-up modems but it will slow you down a great deal as there is a lot of information to download over the course of the program
  • Admin Requirements  You must be a graduate of an accredited undergraduate institution and provide official transcripts to document that. You will also be asked to provide three letters of reference in support of your application. Finally, you will be asked to write essays outlining your goals and reasons for applying..For students coming from a non-psychology background, there are 4 courses that are prerequisites: developmental psychology, physiological psychology, personality or abnormal psychology, and statistics. GRE scores are not required for admissions. If, however, you wish to transfer into the Ph.D. program, they will be required at that time.
  • Costs  The tuition for the DL program is the same as on campus. For the 2005-06 academic year, it is $768 per unit. There are 21 units in the first year of the program. There is also a $257 per quarter technology fee. Therefore, the tuition and fees for this year total $16,899 for first year students. The second year of the program has 18 units (instead of 21) so the tuition costs will be somewhat lower
  • Scholarships  PGSP offers a number of grants to students who are academically qualified and who demonstrate financial need
  • Loans  Financial assistance for PGSP undergraduate students may be available from federal, state and institutional sources in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and student employment

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