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7905 Golden Triangle Drive 
Eden Prairie
MN 55344 USA Work: (888) 549-6755
Fax: (888) 549-6755


Description: Programs that lead to Great Careers: Rasmussen prepares students to land great jobs in high demand fields. Working with local, regional and national career outlook data, Rasmussen aligns its programs with the consistently strong careers as well as the hottest ones. Are you looking for a great career in Accounting or Internet Marketing? Whatever the career area, we have the right program for you!

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: 4 quarters per year


Credit Options: Can test out or transfer credits from other regionally accredited schools (no more than 40% of total credits.)

Platform: ANGEL allows you to access your online classes, anytime, from anywhere that you have an Internet connection-Asynchronous - mainly text based delivery of courses

Geographies: None, but applicants must be English speaking

On Campus Requirements:

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Students must own a personal computer with Internet access and Microsoft Office. Students should be familiar with basic computer operations, sending and receiving email and file attachment navigation
  • Admin Requirements  Fill out an application packet, complete an entrance exam, attend orientation.
  • Costs  On average, tuition will run approximately $405 a credit for our Minnesota programs and approximately $1200 a course for our Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and North Dakota programs. Online pricing is comparable
  • Scholarships  Rasmussen offers several scholarship options for qualified applications
  • Loans  All standard Title IV loans and some secondary loans, too.

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Doctoral Degrees


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