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Description: Since 1879, Southeastern University has offered its students advanced, market-driven educational opportunities in the field of business in an environment that fosters academic excellence, leadership development, critical thinking, and the exit competencies demanded by today’s business environment. The University’s rich tradition in business management and leadership is complemented with disciplines in entrepreneurship, computer science, liberal studies, and public administration. The value, discipline, and creativity of the entrepreneurial mindset are integrated throughout all academic disciplines at the certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s program levels in Business Management, Computer Science, Information Systems, Public Administration, and Liberal Studies Programs.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: Spring sessions only


Credit Options: SU accepts transfer credits, work experience, and challenge exams. See each program for conditions and requirements.

Platform: synchronous and asynchronous

Geographies: International undergraduate students in F-1 visa status may only enroll in one online course per quadmester

On Campus Requirements: Students must complete 50% of course requirements on campus

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Students taking online courses at Southeastern University must know how to use the internet and they must be skillful in using word processing and spreadsheet programs. They must have available to them, outside the Southeastern facility, access to a Pentium III or a more powerful computer. Students are encouraged to discuss these technical requirements with the E-learning staff in the E-learning Office
  • Admin Requirements  Students may not complete more than fifty percent (50%) of their degree programs through online courses. It is mandatory for all students who wish to take courses online to go through the Student Online Tutorial, to take the quiz present at the end of the course, and to email the result to their professor.
  • Costs  Undergrad tuition is $360 per credit. Graduate tuition is $435 per credit.
  • Scholarships  Presidential Scholarship. Information about available institutional and private scholarships may be obtained in the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Loans  SU accepts Federal Loans and Grants, America Reads, private loans.

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