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245 Clinton Avenue 
NY 11205 USA Work: (718) 636-6868
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Description: Since 1916, St. Joseph's College has provided an affordable, academic, liberal arts education to a diverse group of students. Independent and coeducational, the College prepares students for lives of integrity, social responsibility and service - lives that are worthy of the College's motto, Esse non videri - "To be and not to seem." SJCNY offers a BS in Organizational Management, and 2 certificate programs in Human Resources and Leadership.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: 4 Semesters


Credit Options: 96 credit hours can be transferred from accredited four-year collegiate institution, 82 credit hours from accredited junior colleges, 60 credit hours from select New York State Education Department-approved, associates granting proprietary institutions

Platform: All assignments/projects, discussion groups and examinations are done through Blackboard. This class is asynchronous, so you can participate whenever it is convenient for you

Geographies: International students are advised to contact the Coordinator of International Student Services for additional information

On Campus Requirements: No campus visits are required

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Basic computer skills, word processing experience using the Internet, Access to a PC with Windows 95 or higher, internet connection and at least a 28.8K baud modem. Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher Microsoft Word (preferred) and PowerPoint or Works
  • Admin Requirements  Submit online application, resume, organizational management supplemental application and transcripts of previously completed college. Contact the admissions office to submit a writing sample. Contact an academic advisor for course selections.
  • Costs  Part-time: $505/credit, college fees 1-7 credits $13/credit 8-11 credits $96/semester, technology fees 1-7 credits $40/semester 8-11 credits $75/semester; Full-time: tuition $15,400, college fees $125/semester, technology fees $75/semester
  • Scholarships  Academic scholarships are available for full time students only.
  • Loans  Federal Stafford loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) Federal Plus loans, Federal Perkins loans, Private Alternative loans

Associates Degrees

Bachelors Degrees

Doctoral Degrees


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