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Description: Our distinguished Type 75 Principals Certification Program will be offered online; providing the high standards set by DePaul's School of Education from the convenience of your office or home. DePaul's innovative technology allows students to fully engage, participate and learn online so that they can develop into successful school administrators.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: 10 Week Quarter System


Credit Options: Transferable coursework is upon review and discretion of the admission committee.

Platform: Completely online. You can log in any time, but you must log in consistently at least 4 hours a week. On-campus courses are offered for students in the Chicago land area. DePaul has campuses in downtown Chicago, Naperville, Des Plaines, and Oak Forest.

Geographies: Program is completely online and is available to students who are able to fulfill technical requirements. For students in the Chicago area, on-campus courses are offered as additional option.

On Campus Requirements: A four day residency is required during each summer that a student is enrolled in the program. Students are required to attend classes on campus to fulfill the mandatory residency requirement.

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Pentium IV computer running Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home Edition or XP Professional. 512 MB RAM 40 gigabyte hard drive 56K baud dial-up modem, or high speed connection (DSL or cable) CD-ROM drive. Macintosh users must have System 9.2.2 (or higher).
  • Admin Requirements  Submit an application form and speak to an admission representative to get additional questions answered.
  • Costs  Tuition is $422 per credit hour. The average course is four credit hours, which means that each course is approximately $1688.
  • Scholarships  DePaul offers several scholarships for qualifying applicants
  • Loans  Funding is available from Federal Financial Aid System. DePaul also offers several payment plans including a program to defer tuition due dates until after grades are issued. Please Request Information to learn more.

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