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MN 56716 USA Work: (800) 862-6466
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Description: UMC’s Center for Adult Learning (CAL) provides learning opportunities for people and communities of practice, transcending geography, utilizing technology, and empowering personal and professional growth. CAL prides itself with high quality educational services for nontraditional or continuing students, community organizations, and the workforce. Degrees offered are BA in Applied Health, BA in Manufacturing Mgmt, BA in Business, and BS is Applied Studies.

Total Enrollment:

Accredidation: Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)


Credit Options: Transfer friendly. Previous college transcripts can be pre-evaluated at no charge. Transfer credits must be comparable to courses offered by the University, be appropriate and applicable to the specific degree entered

Platform: Online through the MyU Portal system

Geographies: No restrictions

On Campus Requirements:

Resource Urls

  • Chat Online  Chat Url
  • Tech Requirements  Must have access to a computer with a broadband internet connection, Microsoft Office and current web browser
  • Admin Requirements  To apply, please complete an online application, application fee and send official transcripts
  • Costs  Students taking 13 or more credits will pay $3,444.00. Students taking 12 credits or fewer will pay $264.92 per credit. For any online courses, a separate $30 fee for each online credit will also be charged. For example: if you take four 3-credit classes on campus and one 3-credit online class, you will be charged the flat rate of $3,444 for tuition plus $90 for online credit fees. Or if you enroll in two 3-credit class and one 3-credit online class, you will be charged $2,384.28 in tuition (9 credits) plus an additional $30 for online credit fees.
  • Scholarships  Scholarship opportunities are available
  • Loans  The University of Minnesota, Crookston's financial aid program provides assistance to students who would othwise be unable to afford a college eduaction. Financial aid is available for both full and part-time study

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